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Dee Constable

Painter, Ceramics

With a passion for travel, nature and vibrant hues, my artistic journey is a kaleidoscope of experiences. Inspired by the colours and intricate forms of the world around me, I translate these impressions onto canvas and clay.


Each abstraction captures the essence of my wanderlust, infusing my pieces with a sense of adventure and exploration. 

Through my work, I invite viewers to embark on their own visual odyssey, where every colour and texture tells a story of discovery and wonder.

Opening days
opening days

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Guest Artist at The Sound Temple

100 Marshwood Place,

Sawyers Valley WA 6074

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0481 545 704


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Contact Details
Dee Constable - All The Blues Surround Us
Dee Constable - Dawning of a New Era
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