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Elina El Dehar

Mixed Media, Textiles

Driven by curiosity to explore the reflection of the universe within humans, I immerse myself to awaken the life force through my constantly changing, alive, and almost breathing pieces of nature's wonders. Over the decade my passion for silk painting has led me to explore different materials.

Through the alchemy of pure silk combined with epoxy resin, stone texture, and 24K gold I have originated a technique named ‘Quatre éléments’ Each work of art is a multi-layered process, which results in a multidimensional polished look. 

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Opening days
opening days
Elina El Daher 10000 Star Mandala
Elina El Daher
Elina El Daher
Elina El Daher_10000StarMandala

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Guest Artist at The Sound Temple

100 Marshwood Place,

Sawyers Valley WA 6074

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0404 552 489


Instagram elina.eldaher

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