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Ian Kay

Woods and Garden Craft
Sculptor, Mixed Media, Metal

Following an enthusiastic and varied career path including forestry, journalism and manufacturing Ian now makes time to more fully explore his artistic bent. 

Having earlier dabbled in ceramics and lost wax casting, his passion now is to create award winning sculpture and 2D mixed media pieces that celebrate his affinity with recycled timber and found objects.


A special fascination for Ian is the fact that he can do this by adapting a wide range of tools and technical skills that he has acquired in his every day work endeavors.

Opening days
Opening days
Wood Chopper - Ian Kay
Ian Kay
Ian Kay
Ian Kay
Ian Kay
Saw Imperious - Ian Kay

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Guest Artist at Siju Glass

2790 Thomas Road,

Mahogany Creek WA 6072

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0419 119 810


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