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Jacqui Walker

Mixed Media, Textiles, Ceramics

Jacqui is a mixed media artist with a number of creative interests which include sketching, watercolour, acrylics, ceramics, and more recently wet-felting.


She prefers to work in an environmentally mindful and sustainable way, and enjoys incorporating natural colours and pigments, and repurposing found or foraged items into her pieces. 

Jacqui has been experimenting with eco-dye and eco-printing on paper and cloth, as well as using natural earth pigments and elements such as ochres, metal oxides, and salt in both her artwork and pit fired ceramics.

Opening days
opening days
Jacqui Walker - felt vase
Jacqui Walker
Jacqui Walker - dye printed silk scarf
Jacqui Walker - Dyed fabric
Jacqui Walker - felt bracelets
Jacqui Walker - Felting
Jacqui Walker - Flowers brown frame
Jacqui Walker - group shot
Jacqui Walker - mushrooms x 3
Jacqui Walker - Paper flower close up
Jacqui Walker - paper flowers
Jacqui Walker - silk and felt scarf
Jacqui Walker - thistle black frame
Jacqui Walker - Thistle framed

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Guest Artist at Kore Earth Ceramics

6 Gooray Street,

Glen Forrest WA 6071

Wheelchair Access (parital)

Mob 0493 047 064


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