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Michelle Toye

Ceramics, Potter

Michelle Toye is a budding ceramic artist who has delved into the world of pottery and ceramics with a focus on creating stunning vases and bowls. Over the past five years, she has honed her craft, finding joy in the challenges of shaping clay into functional yet artistic pieces. 


She has honed her skills through experimentation and exploration, constantly seeking new techniques to elevate her craft. With a passion for challenging large-scale pieces, Michelle pushes the boundaries of traditional ceramic artistry and craftsmanship.

Opening days
Ceramic Bowl - Michelle Toye_edited
michelle Toye 5
michelle Toye
Michelle Toye
Michelle Toye
Michelle Toye Splash Bowl and Vase

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Guest Artist at Mak Mud Studio

11 Maslin Crescent,

Darlington WA 6070

Wheelchair Access (partial)

Mob 0417 176 527


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