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our history

During the ‘80s, potter Greg Crowe held open studio sales of work at his home in Hovea. In 2002 he participated in the St Croix Valley Pottery Tour in Minnesota, USA. On his return he mentioned to fellow ceramicist/painter, Joel Smoker, about the idea of starting something similar. ​

In 1991 Joel moved down from Kununurra to a property in Stoneville where he established a ceramics studio and kiln shed. Joel’s art sold through various galleries and craft shops and he was also keen to sell from home.

In the mid 2000s Joel and his wife visited a number of art studios one spring weekend in Kalamunda. The Shire of Kalamunda event involved an art trail using a provided map that showed the location of the open studios.

With this in mind and Greg’s USA experience, Joel approached the Mundaring Arts Centre. No funds were available so he presented a proposal to all the artists and craftspeople that he could think of in the Shire of Mundaring. There were 10 responses and a meeting was set up.

After much discussion it was decided to hold the first MHOS event on the last weekend of October, 2009. A bank account was opened and each artist contributed money to pay for the trail maps to be distributed around the Shire. Each member also had a role to play in facilitating the success of the project. Artists involved in that first MHOS weekend were; Brian Aylward, Joanna Capella, Greg Crowe, Inta Goddard, Willem Heyneker, Christine Hingston, Jeremy Holton, Judy Kotai, Graeme Pages-Oliver and Joel Smoker – and you will note – some are still participating.

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