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Tayla Beynon

Meraki Boho Studio

Inspired by the Perth hills, Tay is passionate about showcasing the beautiful flora and fauna of our country and sharing the benefits of creating art with others through her workshops. As well as painting on canvas and wood, Tay is a professional Muralist and has created some showstopping pieces around WA. Her mission is to create artwork that inspires others, puts a smile on their face and gives people a reason to stop and take a breath.

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Opening days

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Meraki Boho Studio

76 Munro Street,

Mt Helena WA 6082

Sorry no Wheelchair Access

Mob 0403 555 218


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Instagram meraki.boho

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Tayla Beynon - Meraki Boho
Tayla Beynon - Meraki Boho 3
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