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Bob Davies

Ducks Crossing Pottery

Bob enjoys working with black and white clay, as well as Raku. All his work is wheel thrown and he throws mostly non-functional pieces concentrating on the beauty of form and glaze effects.


Bob loves the exciting and unexpected effects of Raku when the piece is removed from the burnt leaves.

“It’s always a surprise and the results usually amaze but on some occasions, it’s back to the drawing board!”


Whilst in his studio at his wheel, Bob overlooks a small lake with many wood ducks and black ducks all surrounded by forest.


(Click here for directions)

Guest Artist at June Stevens Artist

1590 Seaborne Street

Parkerville WA 6081

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0407 779 437


Contact Details

Bob Davies Ceramics
Bob Davies Ceramics
Bob Davies Ceramics
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Bob Davies Ceramics
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