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Michele Vivier

Michele Vivier Art
Painter, Drawer

Michele’s home amidst nature inspires her endlessly. With the freedom to explore and paint any scene, she discovers new subjects and perspectives.


Her brushwork brings her subjects to life, immersing viewers. The transparent and luminous nature of watercolours allows her to convey a sense of beauty and spontaneity. The most rewarding moments for Michele occur when people find connection with her paintings.


This validation not only affirms her artistic skill but also signifies her ability to communicate her artistic vision effectively. It is a powerful and fulfilling experience for her to touch the lives of others through her art.


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Michele Vivier Art

16 Mofflin Avenue,

Darlington WA 6070

Sorry no Wheelchair Access

Mob 0411 289 693


Facebook mvivierart​

Instagram mvivierart

Contact Details
Golden - Michele Vivier
Ukraine - Michele Vivier
Rivermouth - Michele Vivier
Morning Take-Off - Michele Vivier
Morning Take-Off - Michele Vivier
Little Posie - Michele Vivier
Delicate in Blue - Michele Vivier
Flower Heart - Michele Vivier
Cottage Window - Michele Vivier
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