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June Stevens

June Stevens Artist
Painter, Drawer

June began her painting career later in life, focusing on landscapes and seascapes in an impressionist/realist style. She finds each painting gives her a chance to capture the magical effect of light and atmosphere on this world.

Recently June has been moving more towards rural landscapes, exploring through her painting the beauty of the vast and seemingly empty inland of Western Australia.

She enjoys working with oils predominantly with some acrylic painting and drawing in charcoal. June loves her light-filled studio overlooking a duckpond and paddocks with trees and forest as a backdrop.

A perfect artist’s hideaway. Do visit!

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June Stevens Artist
Last man standing - June Stevens
June Stevens
June Stevens
June Stevens
June Stevens
Perfect Beach Weather - June Stevens
The Last Waterhold - June Stevens
The Wave Artist - June Stevens


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June Stevens Artist

1590 Seaborne Street,

Parkerville WA 6081

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0419 700 255

Ph 08 9295 5673


Instagram june.stevens5

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