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Shauna Willett

Painter, Ceramics, Sculptor, Visual Artist

Shauna Willett is a Perth based Interior Designer and Visual Artist who specialises in ceramics, painting and printmaking.

Drawing inspiration from her local environment, she collects ideas and tools to create repetitive textures using natural and self-made objects, with resulting printed work depicting natural patterns of contrasting colour and tone.

Her ceramic work includes hand-built abstract sculptural forms, figurative sculptures and wheel thrown functional ware.


She has spent the last few years focusing on alternative firing techniques such as raku, saggar, and pit firing. Shauna is a member of The Guildford Village Potters.

Shauna Willett Russet Leaves
Shauna Willett Yellow Banksia
Shauna Willett Ivory_Tower
Shauna Willett Floral Print
Shauna Willett Ceramics Saggar
Shauna Willett Green_Flowers
Shauna Willett Ceramics
Shauna Willett Ceramics Crystal Grey
Shauna Willett Ceramics Crystal blue
Shauna Willett Ceramics


(Click here for directions)

Guest Artist at Neil Elliott

12 Springside Crescent,

Glen Forrest WA 6071

Wheelchair Access

Phone 0419 840 142


Facebook swillettart

Instagram shaunawillettart

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