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Yvonne Wadley

Sylvanup Art
Painter, Textiles

This year we hiked in New Zealand and along our Cape to Cape track. It has been wonderful reliving the memories using a mixture of watercolours and pastels to capture the amazing landscapes we saw.

I’m working on a jacket at present using Boro and Sashiko techniques and hope to make some Christmas placemats.

I’ve also been inspired to paint parts of our beautiful garden. I hope you enjoy walking through it on your way to the house!

Moses Rock campsite view -Yvonne Waddley
Yvonne Waddley
Dawn start -Yvonne Waddley
Glenorchy evening -Yvonne Waddley
The Old Sheds -Yvonne Waddley
view of Dart Glacier - Yvonne Waddley
winter morning - Yvonne Waddley
Starting the Rees Dart Track


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Sylvanup Art

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Mahogany Creek WA 6072

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