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Lee Potter

Lee Potter Artist

Lee Potter is a self taught artist who has been sculpting in metal for over three decades. He originally developed his love of steel art through constructing candelabras and other interior pieces. Lee took part in his first exhibition in the 1990s.

His work encompasses sculpture, furniture and water features. Using steel, copper and found objects. Lee is known for connecting geometric shapes with organic forms in the Art Deco, Nouveau style to represent dichotomies between the true and untrue; realist and idealist; natural and artificial.


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Guest Artist at Michele Vivier Art

16 Mofflin Avenue 

Darlington WA 6070

Partial Wheelchair Access

Mob 0411 734 328


Facebook LeePotterArtist

Instagram leepotterartist

Contact Details
La Mer 2021 -  Lee Potter
Water Feature - Lee Potter
Air Vase - Lee Potter
Detail Water sculpture - Lee Potter
A Flock of Tables - Lee Potter
Lee Potter
Lee Potter Profile
Papyrus Water Sculpture - Lee Potter
Letters And Numbers - Lee Potter
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