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Miki Polglase


Miki’s journey has taken her around the world, from exhibiting her glass art in galleries in Cornwall and Greece and to exhibiting her drawings and prints in galleries in Brazil.

Whilst in Brazil, Miki rediscovered her passion for sculpture and form and began her specialist journey into pottery.

Upon returning to Perth, Miki established her own ceramics studio.

Her work is the result of a decades long career in the arts.

Miki’s ceramics contain influences from her past, present and her travels around the world.

Miki Polglase in the studio
Miki Polglase - Sculpture
Miki Polglase


(Click here for directions)

Guest artist at Kore Earth Ceramics

6 Gooray Street

Glen Forrest WA 6071

Partial Wheelchair Access

Mob 0410 278 997


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