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Johanna Zeelenberg

Fly My Darling Studio
Painter, Drawer, Visual Artist

Johanna was born in Wittenoom in 1973. She has been painting and drawing most of her life, exhibiting for the past 25 years.


As a child, she remembers using fallen branches, drawing into the Pilbara red dirt, making marks using found objects to form rhythmic patterns that echo the landscape and the living creatures.


These early experiences continue to influence her artistic process, and now, living in Chidlow she is inspired to draw from the local environment.


“My landscapes are sometimes ambiguous, dream-like places that seem to have amalgamated from the places that I have lived and travelled to.”

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Red Cascade Medium
Medium 20230614_134315-1024x623
Window to my heart medium
medium hillside
Golden Hour Medium
Deep River
Hidden Lagoon
Trailing Blazing (Kalamunda National Park)-Johanna Zeelenberg
Flying Through-Johanna Zeelenberg
Bus ride along the abyss (Geirangerfjord Norway)-Johanna Zeelenberg
Bush Buddies (Grass Trees)-Johanna Zeelenberg
Day Dreaming At Berry (Berry Reserve Gidgegannup)-Johanna Zeelenberg
Grass Tree with Purple Flag Irises-Johanna Zeelenberg
Little Street Tree-Johanna Zeelenberg
Rest and Flow (Berry Reserve Gidgegannup)-Johanna Zeelenberg
Smoocheroo-Johanna Zeelenberg
Forrest Whispers-Johanna Zeelenberg
Whoosh (Maggies Martin and Martha)-Johanna Zeelenberg


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Fly My Darling Studio

300 Forsyth Place,

Chidlow WA 6556

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0431 147 060


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