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Leith Street Studio

Kat Hardwick grew up in the French Pacific and on the east coast of Australia before moving to WA with her Perth born husband.

Kat has a deep love for all the arts and has been pursuing her own visual arts practice on and off for the past 20 years.

Since moving into her own long awaited studio in Chidlow, she has increasingly moved away from representational landscape; instead, using the conventions of landscape with abstract elements to convey an idea, mood or emotion with her beautifully expressive
mixed media paintings.


(Click here for directions)

95 Leith Street,

Chidlow WA 6556

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0411 167 611


Instagram kathardwick_art

Facebook kat.hardwick.7

Contact Details
An Incantation
Deep Dive
Clair De Lune
Crystalline Tide
This, And My Heart Beside
The Quiet - Kat Hardwick
Reprise - Kat Hardwick
Yay For Summer Rain - Kat Hardwick
Water Is Life - Kat Hardwick
Out Of The Blue - Kat Hardwick
Northern Quarry - Kat Hardwick
In The Still - Kat Hardwick
Kat Hardwick
Going Home - Kat Hardwick
Conjuring Rain - Kat Hardwick
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