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Luce Blake

Wit's End Art Studio
Painter, Drawer, Visual Artist

Luce is a neurodivergent oil painter who tackles a broad range of subjects and styles examining the relationships between the natural and man-made.

Some works are sensitive examinations which allow the artists to obsess over detail, while others are imaginative dreamscapes in riots of colour painted simply for the joy of it.

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Wit's End Art Studio

270 Hillcrest Road,

Mundaring WA 6073

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0429 021 357 


Facebook witsendartstudio

Instagram luce_mayhem

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Luce Blake_edited
Luce Blake
Lucee_Mayhem mountiandream
Lucee_Mayhem dreamscape
Luce Blake
Luce Blake
Luce Blake
Luce Blake
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