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Stacy Gardoll

Stacy Gardoll Art

Stacy’s art is all about capturing a moment between the viewer and the natural world. She creates an opportunity for us to become lost in the forms, and the intricacies of the botanical, as we can become swept up in the details, even if just for a moment.


The colours are highlighted further by being set up against dark backgrounds, which gives each flower the chance to shine, without competing with its environment. Playing with scale is also a common theme, as these small-scale blossoms are presented in a magnified way, so they can be seen and enjoyed up close.

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Summertime Splendor - Stacy Gardoll
Infinite Joy - Stacy Gardoll
Luminosity - Stacy Gardoll
Metamorphosis Lres_SocialOpt_sRGB_8bit
Ethereal Joy - Stacy Gardoll
Dolce Vita - Stacy Gardoll
Crimson Whisperings - Stacy Gardoll
Colours of the Spirit - Stacy Gardoll
Afterglow - Stacy Gardoll
Stacy Gardoll
Stacy Gardoll


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Stacy Gardoll Art

16 Fordham Drive
Swan View WA 6056

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0430 611 463


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