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Ric Burkitt

Ric Burkitt Studio

Ric is an ex-graphic designer, ex-VET trainer (graphic design and visual arts), and now full-time artist. Primarily a painter, he works in a variety of styles and mediums from his Stoneville studio.


He currently enjoys painting semi-abstract florals in oils and acrylics, as well as mixed media landscapes that attempt to capture the mood and feel of Stoneville’s surrounding countryside.

Ric’s abstract work explores the potential for non-representational painting –using colour, line, shape, texture, and so on – to make emotional connections and convey impressions and insights that may resonate with the viewer.

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Ric Burkitt Artist
Winter Bouquet
Ric Burkitt
Still Life With Landscape
Wild Thing - Ric Burkitt
Appassionato - Ric Burkitt
Descendants - Ric Burkitt
A Love Like This - Ric Burkitt
Embrace - Ric Burkitt
Flower Jug - Ric Burkitt
Moonlight Bay - Ric Burkitt
On Changing Minds - Ric Burkitt
The Great Divide - Ric Burkitt
Apropos of Earlier - Ric Burkitt
Blue Vase With Lilies - Ric Burkitt
Ric Burkitt


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Ric Burkitt Studio

1 Grenville Road
Stoneville WA 6081

Sorry No Wheelchair Access

Mob 0452 259 590


Facebook RicBurkittstudio

Instagram ric_burkitt

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