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Cielito Marbus

Painter, Drawer

Cielito is a botanist and botanical artist. Born in Newman, Western Australia, she currently lives in Darlington. She produces scientific illustrations for new species publications for the Western Australian Herbarium and has been commissioned to produce Flora for private collections.

Cielito is interested in responses of plants to their habitats and to anthropogenic interactions, particularly the dichotomy of natural process and human intervention. Whilst we cannot help but mould and form our surroundings, we simultaneously seek out and delight in those parts of our surrounds that are untouched by our hands.

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Cielito Marbus in the studio
Calandrinia sp
Acacia lachnocarpa -  Cielito Marbus
45_Pittosporum phillyreoides -  Cielito Marbus
Deyeuxia abscondita -  Cielito Marbus
Diuris corymbosa
Pentalepis trichodesmoides -  Cielito Marbus
Eucalyptus macrocarpa -  Cielito Marbus
Pittosporum phillyreoides -  Cielito Marbus


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55 Stone Crescent

Darlington WA 6070

Wheelchair Access (Partial)

Mob: 0424 102 311


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