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Nicholas Kempt

Sculptor, Visual Artist, Animation

Nicholas Kempt is a multi-disciplined visual artist whose work includes animation, sculpture, illustration, sound design and video installation work. As an artist/animator with two decades of experience, he merges the realms of traditional sculpture, mark-making, and cutting-edge technology to forge immersive creations.

The natural world serves as both his muse and catalyst for his artistic expression. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns and harmonious rhythms of nature, he delves into the depths of his inner connection with the environment.


With every brushstroke, every sculpted contour and every pixel crafted, he seeks to capture the essence of this profound relationship.

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Nick Kempt Lakshmi
Nick Kempt Cicada
Nick Kempt Mantis
Nick Kempt Rebirth
Nick Kempt Leon
Nick Kempt Goannas
Nick Kemp Don
Nick Kempt Raj


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Guest Artist at Tate Art Studios

140 Rickard Road,

Glen Forrest WA 6071

Wheelchair Access

Mob 0422 054 373


Facebook nicholas.kempt

Instagram nicholaskempt_art

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